About the installation of eyelash extensions at Posana beauty center .

Since the dawn of time long lashes have been considered a sign of beauty and femininity among several cultures. 

This enhancement is now available to all. 

As for the first visit, I talk with the client about lifestyle, work and the look she wants. I ask to bring me a photo to really get the desired look. After choosing the style and after the client has deeply cleaned her eyes, I invite her to lay comfortably on my NOMAD treatment table and put a pillow under her knees so that her back is flat. 

-I Started by applying patches under the eyes making sure that the bottom lashes are well protected and prevent sticking with the top ones. Sometimes a surgical adhesive tape is necessary to help them hold up well for those who have very short lashes. 

-The second step is to prepare the lashes so that there is no residues left, for my part, I use acid compensator (completes cleansing and balance the ph of the skin). It serves as my primer while desensitizing the skin of the eyelids of the client. I apply it with free lint cotton-rod, I put some on the lashes and eyelids. I then brush the lashes with mascara brush to separate them. 

-The Third step is crucial because that is when I isolate a natural eyelash with two tweezers and I apply the artificial eyelash above soaked in Posana glue on the base. This really is precision work so I invite the client to relax and after about two hours, the look is created! The duration of the extension can vary depending the amount of lashes needed. 

Therefore, I have decided to charge $ 60 an hour whether for the first time or for a filling. This allows all of those who have doubts to try them cheaply, because I can, even after an hour of work, create a work of art!

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